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Your home isn’t selling and yet the current, local real estate market is really quite active. You naturally ask yourself, “Why?”


Sadly, not all real estate agents are equal. Some only use the classic 3 P’s of real estate marketing: Put a sign in the yard, Put the home in the local MLS System, and Pray that the home sells.


But there are also some other sure signs that it’s time for you to face the music and hire someone else:


1. The online photos leave a lot to be desired. With real estate being a cut-throat and expensive business to be in, many real estate agents are trying to cut expenses wherever they can. Too often, we see homes being photographed with cellphone or point and shoot cameras. Often, real estate agents don’t have the tools to crop, colour balance or control exposure in their photos. Worse still, they don’t know when they should hire a professional. For the minimal cost, this is one area that agents should short-change...

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Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or UAVs), have recently entered the mainstream market in Canada and are now widely used both commercially and recreationally. For use in real estate, the activity is considered strictly a commercial use. Commercial drone use is heavily regulated and compliance is required in order to fly.


Operating a drone means that certain rules and guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of the drone's team, of the public, and of manned aircraft in the area.

  • All drone flights must take place in daylight and in good weather,
  • Aircraft must remain in visual line-of-site of the drone pilot at all times,
  • Drone operations must be conducted outside of airport airspace, away from populated areas, buildings, public areas, and busy roads, and cannot go higher than 90 metres, vertically,
  • The privacy of others must be respected.

While most of these rules are primarily safety oriented, they may also affect when and how one is able to capture aerial imagery,...

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You've probably been driving around Calgary and have seen several RE/MAX® Real Estate Signs.


RE/MAX actually has some of the strictest real estate signage rules among all the various real estate brands (both franchised and independent). The colours, the style, the layout and the content are strictly defined by our corporate offices.


Currently, there are two basic styles. Both indicate which franchisee is being represented in the bottom line of each sign. In Calgary, for example, there are over 10 different RE/MAX offices working the city so you may see a sign from any one of them. The individual real estate agent's name is also required to be on the sign (and the name has to be the one that is registered on their provincial real estate licence. A nick name, if used, must be on the licence too.) Team names are permitted, but they should always include the name of the individual agent that has the listing.


So, the two signs are as below:



The left sign...

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Yesterday, I held an Open House at 334 Ascot Circle SW.



I met so many wonderful people!


A big THANK YOU to everyone that came out in the chilly Calgary weather to see this wonderful home. We had 12 people through during those two hours including one real estate agent and her client. At one point it seemed to be like shark infested waters and a feeding frenzie of home buyers!


We should be getting an offer any day on this wonderful home in a tremendous complex in Aspen Woods.


If you're looking for a home in this area or any other west and northwest community of Calgary, please give me a call. I specialize in all of these neighbourhoods!

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Sales of homes in Hawkwood this past month are following a similar trend of many other established communities in Calgary. While sales are slower than sales in 2014, sales continute to happen and overall sales prices have not substantially lost ground. In fact, on an annualized basis the selling prices in Hawkwood for 2015 are up 3.2% over 2014.


Because home prices throughout many areas of the city are somewhat stalled, it remains a good time to buy homes for both first-time buyers and move-up buyers. However due to the negative influence of the media, many will tend to sit back and wait until prices begin to rise overall in the city instead of just in a few select neighbourhoods and price ranges as the case today.




Looking for a home in our lovely neighbourhood of Hawkwood or looking to sell one?

I'm the trusted neighbourhood real estate professional!
I live here, I work here, I'm here for You!


Here are all the listings available in Hawkwood today: click...

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Today, the federal Finance Minister announced changes to the rules for government-backed mortgage insurance to contain risks in the housing market, reduce taxpayer exposure and support long-term stability.

Effective February 15, 2016, the minimum down payment for new insured mortgages will increase from 5% to 10% for the portion of the house price above $500,000. The 5% minimum down payment for properties up to $500,000 remains unchanged.


For example, a home costing $700,000 would require a $45,000 down payment – a 5% down payment on the first $500,000, added to a 10% down payment on the remaining $200,000.


Buyers shopping for homes below the $500,000 mark will be unaffected by the new rules.


The move is expected to take pressure off the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), which offers mortgage loan insurance for properties valued below $1 million.


Since the 2008 recession, the federal government has made it more challenging for Canadians to...

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There has been little talk of the alignment of the Calgary MLS System community names and divisions with those of the City of Calgary. Early in January 2016, the map will be aligned.


What this means for consumers is that they can get more relevant information on the community they are interest in buying a home within. The 4 zones are being replaced with 8 districts. Some MLS System neighbourhoods are disappearing and almalgamating with a larger neighbourhood. (eg. Ranchland Estates almalgamates with Ranchlands; Lake Bonavista Estates almalgamates with Lake Bonavista; Garrison Woods amalgamates with Altadore.)


For me, it will be a bit of a challenge getting to learn some of the new nuances, but it does make a lot of sense and I welcome it. As far as I'm concerned, it's long overdue and the sooner it's implemented, the better!


Here are the expected changes:




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Locally, we've recently had a lot of conversations about Seller Brokerage Contracts. What these are are the contracts that is agreed to by a Seller of property and the brokerage through the brokerage's agent to allow them to market the property on behalf of the Seller. Specifically our discussion have revolved around, the agreement regarding the real estate professional's obligations and the consumer's obligations regarding to their property when it is being listed for sale within the local MLS® System.


Firstly, there are several weaknesses that creep up as a result of Provincial Standard Forms. One of them is that they cater to the lowest standard of care.


One of the notorious weaknesses has been in detailing some of the individual real estate board rules that govern how the various MLS Systems in the province run. A few years ago in this province there were Harmonized MLS System Rules agreed to by all real estate boards in the province (which are still in place), but...

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Calgary, AB - September 16, 2015


Every month, I've been mailing out 1,000 flyers in some of the newer sections of Hawkwood. (Actually, it's mailed out ten times a year.) There are lots of home insights for homeowners, renters and potential home sellers. If you have any questions about your current home value or wish to discuss marketing your home within the next 6 months, now is the time to talk with an experienced, real estate broker that actually lives in your neighbourhood. As Hawkwood's RE/MAX real estate professional and resident REALTOR®, I can help tell you what others may not be able to share with you. I'm also very "in tune" with many of the northwest and southwest neighbourhoods in the City of Calgary.


If you are currently renting your home, and you're thinking now may be the time to buy, please get in touch with me and we can get the process started. As you can imagine, the overall trend of house values within the City of Calgary is upward. Some communities can...

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In visiting a number of homes, recently, we have noticed video and/or audio capture devices that were actively monitoring the premises. What this means to us is there is an increase in the number of home sellers that are actively recording their real estate agents, prospective buyers and their buyer agents during the course of open houses or private showing appointments.


This is something we were concerned with several years ago with baby monitors being positioned in homes and turned on so that home sellers could "eavesdrop" on the buyer's viewing sppointment from nearby outside the home. That was something we always warned our clients about when we were showing homes to them and reminded them again when we noticed monitoring equipment (whether or not we could determine if the device was "on".)

Times have now changed: it is starting to appear quite often. In a few cases the common indicator light showing the device is acively monitoring had been covered up or possibly even disconnected....

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This past week, I came across a post card hanging on the door knob of one of the homes that I currently have listed for sale. The card was hanging from the door knob and was about 15 cm by 40 cm in size – so it was very highly visible.


The card featured the words "LOCK BOXES SUCK" superimposed on a photo of a standard REALTOR's lock box. Okay, I was intrigued.


I turned the card over. It was marketing by the local For Sale By Owner (FSBO) franchise. I didn't see a similar card on any of the neighbouring homes – so I assume it was targeted to only the homes with real estate signs. Hmm – I'm quite sure I wouldn't do business that way, but they probably have a business plan and process that they must follow as franchisees. In the really fine print on the card it specifically stated that they are not real estate brokers nor agents. Wow – that's news to me because when I was looking at ways to expand my real estate business a few years ago they were one...

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Calgary: 2015-September-02


For a complete statistics package, just send me a note and I'll email you a 28 page report or click here to download it immediately.

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Neighbourhood of HAWKWOOD Stats as of the end of August 2015:

With the end of summer all but complete, the summer market ends this week as we enter the Labour Day weekend. Although school has already started, home purchasers tend to get back into their home hunt after this unofficial end of summer. Market activity should warm up some between now and Thanksgiving's Day. Now is a good time to buy that home you've been keeping an eye on (providing you and your agent are able to get a market value price for it -- there are, incredibly, a few homes on that market that are still priced too high for their location and/or condition.)

Overall, the Hawkwood community remains in a BALANCED MARKET for the month.

Attached homes (townhouses & side-by-side duplexes):

4 Active

0 Conditionally Sold


4 Inventory

0 Sold August 1 - 31

2 Sold year-to-date

16 Months of Supply - STRONG BUYERS market


2 Active

0 Conditionally Sold


2 Inventory

0 Sold August 1 - 31

6 Sold year-to-date...

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Neighbourhood of HAWKWOOD Stats as of the end of July 2015:

July is usually the slowest month of the year for real estate sales in Calgary. This year shows no variation from the norm. We should start to see the listing and sales activity slowly climb until mid-November. It may be a great time to both put a home on the market and to shop for homes in Hawkwood. There will be a little less to choose from than the winter-spring market, but there will be far, far fewer people to compete with in shopping for homes. This also is an ideal time to see property at their visual peak – the grass remains close to green and there's no snow hiding unkept landscaping.

Attached homes (townhouses & side-by-side duplexes):

2 Active

0 Conditionally Sold


2 Inventory

1 Sold July 1 - 31


1 Active

0 Conditionally Sold


1 Inventory

1 Sold July 1 - 31

Detached homes:

21 Active

1 Conditionally Sold


22 Inventory

6 Sold July 1 - 31

3.66 months of supply - Balanced Market


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Seller Secrets for Today's
Calgary Real Estate Market

When it comes to selling your house, you probably want to get the most money you can in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle.


To help you create the best pricing strategy, we've compiled research and advice from leading experts to give you the very best answers to the most common pricing issues and questions.


This is the result of countless hours of market study, including the review of thousands of survey responses, as well as list price and sold price data from literally hundreds of thousands of transactions.


And the research is clear: pricing a house for sale correctly from the start is one of the most important factors in ensuring that the house sells quickly and for the highest price possible.


The very best agents know the secrets to pricing a house right. And now you will, too.


In this video series, we'll explore how the market determines price, the value of improvements, a...

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In today's highly competitive real estate industry, many real estate agents have taken to reducing services in order to remain profitable. With the average real estate agent in the Calgary area only doing 5 or 6 transactions in a year, it's no wonder services are being cut back. Like you, most consumers today are looking for better value for the money they spend for all types of services – not reduced services and ineffective results.


Choose your real estate agent or broker carefully whether you're buying or selling real estate. Like with any other service provider, look for value, personal service, commitment, integrity, ethics and results. Here are some of the questions to ask your prospective real estate agent/broker or REALTOR®:

  • Are you a full-service real estate agent/broker and REALTOR®? In addition to real estate, are you also holding down another part-time or full-time job?
  • What is included in a typical agent's "full-service" and what premium services do you...
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There Currently Exists 2 Types of Agency Relationships in Real Estate Transactions in Alberta.

In a common law agency relationship, the agency relationship exists between the client (a buyer or seller), and the real estate brokerage (company). If both parties to a transaction are represented by the same brokerage, the brokerage has a conflict of interest. Designated agency is a departure from traditional common law agency practices and addresses this conflict. In designated agency, the agency relationship exists between the client and a designated agent(s) from a particular brokerage, and not with the brokerage as a whole.


Because the agency relationship is between the client and the designated agent(s), designated agency eliminates the conflicts of interest that commonly occur in a brokerage when two REALTORS® from the same brokerage represent the buyer and seller in the same transaction. Designated agency allows industry members to act as sole agents and provide full fiduciary...

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City of Calgary Stats as of end of April 2015:

Attached homes:

1223 Active

80 Conditionally Sold


1303 Inventory

465 Sold April 1 - 30

2.80 months of supply - Balanced Market

Average Selling Price: Up 2.2%

Benchmark Price: Up 3.4%


1346 Active

53 Conditionally Sold


1399 Inventory

351 Sold April 1 - 30

3.99 months of supply - Balanced Market

Average Selling Price: Down 5.5%

Benchmark Price: Down 0.2%

Detached homes:

3016 Active

205 Conditionally Sold


3221 Inventory

1153 Sold April 1 - 30

2.79 months of supply - Balanced Market

Average Selling Price: Down 0.8%

Benchmark Price: Up 1.9%

But then we break down the detached homes further:

Detached homes priced UNDER $600,000:

1599 Active

169 Conditionally Sold


1768 Inventory

892 Sold April 1 - 30

1.98 months of supply - SELLERS' Market


Detached homes priced OVER $600,000:

1422 Active

36 Conditionally Sold


1458 Inventory

268 Sold April 1 - 30

5.44 months of supply - BUYERS' Market



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